Sunday, August 17, 2014

Post-Game 125 Thread: Cheaters Do Prosper, After All


Liar and suspended steroid user Ryan Braun hit a two-run HR in the fourth inning to give the Brewers a 2-0 lead, a lead which they would not relinquish despite the Dodgers' clawbacks in the bottom of the fourth (Justin Turner RBI single) and a huge HR from Matt Kemp in the bottom of the ninth. Kemp's AB was a good battle and his decisive shot into left field was a rocket, and gave the Dodgers hope of a comeback. Unfortunately, Kemp couldn't do it alone, and with Dee Gordon continuing to regress with his ridiculous unsuccessful bunt single attempts (Gordon went 0-for-4), starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw was left hanging out to dry by a lineup that mustered only seven hits.

Kershaw struck out 11, but his two HR allowed (he allowed one to Carlos Gomez as well) were enough to do the Dodgers in. Milwaukee assures itself of the season series victory with the win, and the Dodgers slip back to 4.5 games up in the West.


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