Monday, August 11, 2014

Post-Game 120 Thread: Kevin Correia, Juggernaut?


Kevin Correia is tied for the AL lead (actually, the major league lead) in losses. But he's undefeated in the National League, having led the Dodgers to a 6-2 victory in the opening game of a four-game series in Atlanta. Wow, what a surprise! And not only did Correia pitch pretty well in his Dodgers debut (6.0 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 5 Ks and 1 BB), he also went 2-for-2 with a run scored. Quite a powerhouse debut, Kevin! Well done.

Adrian Gonzalez has become an RBI machine, knocking in his 80th of the year with a sixth-inning single to tie the game at 1. Carl Crawford and Justin Turner added RBI that frame to make it 3-1. Then in the eighth inning, the Dodgers took advantage of shoddy Braves (wild) pitching and defending (A.J. Ellis had what seemed like a GIDP but the shortstop threw it away, forcing only one out and scoring two) to add three more runs. Carlos Frias allowed a run in the ninth, but other than that, a relatively easy victory for the Dodgers, which I wasn't expecting given the conditions.

Oh, and Darwin Barney made his Dodgers debut as well, PH in the seventh. He saw two pitches and grounded out to third. We will see if his Dodgers career evolves from here.

First-place lead stretches to five games over the idle Giants. Keep it up, boys!


Fred's Brim said...


Fred's Brim said...

Donnie had Wilson come in for the 7th when it was still a 3-1 game. I wonder what the plan was for the 8th if it was still 3-1

Steve Sax said...

Plan was for Ned to find another relief pitcher on the waiver wire, stat

Fred's Brim said...

Mid-game! It's like Ned is bored with GMing and is trying to spice up his GM life with risky behavior

Steve Sax said...

Next up: another go-round with Jason Schmidt or Andruw Jones

Steve Sax said...

(and a shot of penicillin afterward)