Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Post-Game 114 Thread: Halo? Is It Dre You're Looking For?


I suppose the hero of tonight's game should rightfully be Juan Uribe, who hit a three-run HR in the second to put the Dodgers up 3-2, and then singled with one out in the ninth inning, took third on an A.J. Ellis single (heroic itself, the way Ellis has been batting), and then came home to score the winning run. But it was Andre Ethier's PH walk-off fielders choice, hit to Angels 3B David Freese, which won the game; Freese threw home but Uribe's impact dislodged the ball from Chris Iannetta's glove. Freese got the error, Andre "got" the game-winning "hit," and Dodger fans went home happy.

Looking at the replay, it looks like the Dodgers might have had a case with Iannetta blocking the route to the plate, as well, had that tag been applied. No matter.

Clayton Kershaw was rewarded for his seven-inning performance with a chance to earn his 14th victory, an honor denied when Brian Wilson let Albert Pujols homer in the eighth inning. We did get some early revenge on Pujols in the third inning, when he was thrown out at home by Uribe, squelching a potential Angels rally. Oh, and the hyped Kershaw-Trout showdown? Trout went 2-for-3 with a double, but one strikeout, against Kershaw.

So Dre gets to be the focus of the headline, mostly because he fits the syncopation, but also because he was the target of the jersey-shredding revelry. But bacchanalia aside, these are the kinds of games where if we had lost--which would have meant losing our fourth of five games at home, dropping games with our #1 and #2 starters--this would have been catastrophically horrendous. As it is, the walk-off win gives the Dodgers a split at home before two in Anaheim; and, with the Giants' Panik-ing loss in Milwaukee, the Dodgers move back to 2.5 games up and complete a respectable 5-3 homestand. And I feel a lot better!

But wait, the puns get better!


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