Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Post-Game 113 Thread: Angels Of Destruction


I'm not sure what this 1994 movie, whose release date and box office results are unlisted, represented. Let's look at the imdb summary of the 5.4/10-rated movie:

When a controversial rock star is stalked by a psychotic fan, undercover cop Brit Alwood is called in to help. But when Brit's kid sister Jo finds out about the crime, she sets out for revenge. Pulled into the dark, erotic world of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, Jo is forced to confront the crazed mind of a vicious serial killer.

Okay, so now let's play mad libs on tonight's game.

When a usually-dependable Dodgers starter is lit up by a multi-double, four-run first inning, center fielder Yasiel Puig is called in to help. But when Puig misplays a fly ball and allows Angels 1B Albert Pujols to tag up from first base and advance, due to lackadaisical play and laziness, he sets out for revenge. Pulled into the dark, steely-cold pitching performance from Angels starter Garrett Richards, who threw a complete-game shutout, Puig is forced to suffer through an 0-for-4 performance (contributing to the team's 0-for-7 with RISP outing), not to mention Hanley Ramirez' two-error night.

Yecch, that makes for a pretty crappy GT. And a pretty crappy movie, too, from the looks of it. Guess I'll wait for more Angels in the outfield (another 1994 classic) tomorrow.


Fred's Brim said...

No team goes from 0 to 60 back down to 0 better than this team

Steve Sax said...

I thought we were at -60. When watching Carl Crawford field (or hit, for that matter), it looks like we're going in reverse