Saturday, August 09, 2014

Post-Game 118 Thread: Dodgers Still In Brew Hangover


Not sure if the Dodgers' bats actually made it to Milwaukee, or if the feel-good story of Mike Fiers' return to the bigs (after a year absence when a line drive broke his forearm while he was in the minor leagues) actually just overwhelmed our team. Either way, our offense is sputtering, and the Dodgers' four hits (including a solo HR from Adrian Gonzalez) just wasn't enough to notch a win, especially against a first-place divisional team.

Zack Greinke went 6.0 IP and gave up eight hits and 4 ER, striking out six. This line also included two HR, however--a solo shot to Carlos Gomez, and a two-run shot to Khris Davis, who may or may not wear his pants backward in public. One more game in Milwaukee tomorrow, before we jump out of town. (Let's hope we don't miss the bus, by the way.)

Giants lost again, so our lead stays at 3.5 games.


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