Monday, August 18, 2014

Reader Perspectives: 'No other place I’d rather be'

Last night SoSG Sax reminded us to remember the little things, and today awesome reader Dusty Baker's Toothpick reaffirmed that. DBT's comment is so nice I wanted to share it on the front page:

I was lucky enough to attend two miserable games this weekend. Even when we’re getting the snot beat of us, there is no other place I’d rather be.

On Friday night, my daughter and I sat in the RF all-you-can-shove-down-your-face pavilion. It was the first time since I was a little DBT, that I’ve sat way out in the pavilion. My daughter, on the other hand, being the privileged child that she is only knows field and loge views (the perks of having your pops work for a swanky LA law shop). While I was sitting out in the pavilion, I reminisced about being a kid, sitting in the sun with my family, rooting on our boys in blue. After three innings, my daughter had enough of the pavilion, and we set out on a trek to find a chocolate malt vendor. That’s our tradition, we must have a chocolate malt at the Dodger game. If you don’t have traditions, you don’t have jack. You have to honor those kinds of things.

Let me back up a little. Our Friday night started off in tremendous fashion. You all have seen the “Helpful Honda” ads on TV. On Friday night, the Helpful Honda people were at the Dodger game giving away free parking to anyone driving a Honda. I couldn’t believe it! When was the last time anyone gave you free parking at Dodger stadium? If getting free parking wasn’t enough, Friday night was the U.S. debut of Montejo Cervesa. The RF area next to Tommy Lasorda’s was the place to be for $4 beers and schmoozing with Montejo Cervesa models.

Our Friday night ended with us trapping a chocolate malt vendor on the reserve level. He was on his way to restock when we found him. After scoring our chocolate malts, we headed up to the Top of Hill gift shop, and then made some pictures against the downtown skyline. We left the game leading 2-0 only to find out that the bullpen couldn’t hold back the Cerveseros.

Sunday’s game was another great day at the park, despite the Cerveseros teeing off on Haren. I got to treat my pops, sister and nephew to great field level seats behind the visitors’ dugout. We got to the yard early enough to see Willy Peralta warm up in the bullpen and scored a ball from the bullpen coach. My nephew got the ball autographed by Tommy Davis who was signing in field level concourse. To see the kid’s face light up was incredible, another lifelong Dodger fan is born.

My peeps left after the 6th, but I stayed until the 8th inning, long enough to see the Dodgers’ whimper of a rally in the seventh, and to see Ethier play first base. Before leaving, I made my way back to the Cerveseros’ bullpen to enjoy my chocolate malt. I watched the 8th inning from the bullpen seats, the L.A. sun beginning its descent behind the stadium. The light breeze was immaculate, and I couldn’t help to think how lucky I was to be born a Dodger fan, and to enjoy the splendors of everything that that means.

Perspective: adjusted! Now bring on the (checks schedule) Padres!

photo by SoSG AC


Fred's Brim said...

This is awesome, DBT!
I wish I lived closer to the yard. I've never been to a game in the pavillion, I would love to try it

Dusty Baker said...

Well said, DBT! I'm slightly less full of hateHateHATE after reading that.

QuadSevens said...

Very cool. Makes me want a chocolate malt now too!

Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

DBT sees comment turned SoSG post and cries. Thanks for posting Orel, that's awesome!

Orel said...


spank said...

I'm so happy I can drink. Bring on the booze and the Madres!!