Monday, August 25, 2014

Vin Scully, on Bribing Batters

We don't get TWC at SoSG Worldwide Headquarters, so we apologize for the lack of new Vin transcriptions this season. But we've dipped into the archives (OK, last year's games) to bring you some fresh transcriptions we haven't run yet.

Lou Novikoff.

Vin Scully, from the fourth inning of the Cubs-Dodgers game on August 26, 2013:

I was thinking about P.K. Wrigley. During the war, the Cubs had a player by the name of Lou Novikoff. They called him the Mad Russian, I guess just because of the last name, whatever.

And he put up great numbers in the minor leagues.

That's a strike.

But when he got to the big leagues, all of a sudden he was ultra-conversative, and I mean he would not swing the bat unless it was a perfect strike.

So Mr. Wrigley said — and again, this was in the forties — Mr. Wrigley said, "I will give you five dollars for every time you strike out swinging."

How about an owner saying that to a player.

High pop fly, a trio of Cubs, Castro's the middleman, but he's going to be run off by left fielder Bogusevic, and we have two down.

Anyway, they said that Novikoff, after making the deal with Mr. Wrigley, went up to the plate, had two strikes on him, swung at a pitch over his eyes for strike three. And as he walked away the on-deck hitter said, "Boy, you must really need some dough."

Five bucks if you strike out swinging.

I think you could probably spend a long time talking about the Cubs and the history and some of the things that have taken place, and some of the new things that have taken place that has the city up in arms, or at least the baseball fans who normally sit on the rooftops of the buildings around Wrigley.

Apparently they're going to put up huge video signs like we have here, and it will block the view of the people who sit up on the rooftops. And I mean they are angered.

One ball and one strike.

They are here, the loyal Cub fans. Good for them.

One ball, one strike, bottom of the fourth. Dodgers keep getting men on and leaving them....