Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tommyin' Ain't Easy

Sort of hard to believe that the Sons have slept on this cerveza-related story, especially with the Brewers/Cerveceros in town.

Bottom line is that Anheuser-Busch and their AB InBev foreign overlords have shockingly! chosen Dodger Stadium as the place to start rolling out their new distribution and ad campaign for Montejo beer. It is a lager akin to Dos Equis and Modelo Especial. The right field bar will be fully branded with Montejo signage (hopefully they have not forced my favorite bar girl Alicia who works out there to get a Montejo tattoo). Now, yours truly and Sons worldwide have never shied from the lager, and specifically the Mexican varieties, so this would seem to be a positive move. Especially if the Montejo ladies keep showing up scantily clad. However, it all seems a tad corporate and forced, and assumptive of a demographic taste. Likely there will be far more drunk pasty white guys swilling this than La Raza, but time will tell. It should be noted that the beer derives its name from the Spanish fellow who invaded and conquered the Yucatan, so there is potential backlash for the particularly politically correct Mexicano stadium-goers.

You have my commitment to try this beer a lot tonight!


Dusty Baker said...

UPDATE: I tried it. Full review coming soon.