Sunday, June 01, 2014

"Live Together Or Die Alone"; Dodgers Hardly "Lost" Yet

Scott Van Slyke apparently is a little behind on his television watching, but at least he is using the opportunity to channel professional team productivity:

LOS ANGELES – On the way out of the Dodgers’ home clubhouse, players walking toward the coaches’ offices can’t help but notice a piece of paper dangling over the doorway.

Written on a piece of plain paper with a sharpie, it says, “Live together or die alone.” Utility player Scott Van Slyke put it there. He heard the phrase while watching the second season of, “Lost,” and figured it had some crossover to what the Dodgers are trying to accomplish. Granted, they’re not trying to avoid venomous snakes, but they are trying to overcome a 6 ½ game deficit in the NL West.

“They correlate, right?” Van Slyke said. “Let’s pretend we’re in the jungle, the jungle of MLB.”

Creidt to Van Slyke for trying to rally the listless troops. Speaking of television, how exactly do we see these Dodgers again on that little box?


Dusty Baker said...

Can totally recommend Real World Season II to SVS after he finishes with LOST.