Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Post-Game 66 Thread: Everybody Wins


Everybody wins! No, we're not talking about the Dodgers and Kings — that happens tomorrow, we hope — but instead the Dodgers and Reds fans.

After a two-hour rain delay, the Dodgers won thanks to Beckett's six innings, in which he struck out seven and allowed only two hits. The bats backed him up, with AGon busting out of his slump with a 2 for 5 performance, a three-run third inning that featured an RBI from Dee and two from Hanley, and insurance RBIs by Turner and AGon. The bullpen wobbled a little bit but Perez, Wilson and Wright cleaned up Maholm's mess.

And why did Reds fans win? The Dodgers were generous enough to strike out 11 times (including a golden sombrero from Kemp), meaning free pizzas from LaRosa's. Congrats, Reds fans!

Better yet, the Nats dropped the Giants tonight, meaning the Dodgers pick up a second consecutive full game in the standings for the first time since something like 1965. Journey of a thousand miles, man!


Steve Sax said...

I do love free pizza

Fred's Brim said...

I assume in Cincinnati they cover it in spaghetti and chilli