Saturday, June 07, 2014

Post-Game 63 Thread: A.L.T.K.W.


California Chrome couldn't do it. The Dodgers couldn't do it. Only the Kings did it, and they did it in an even more heart-stoppingly frustrating and exciting style than they had done it before.

They trailed 2-0 after the first period. They trailed 4-2 after the second. Then they scored two goals in the first eight minutes of the third, sending the game into overtime. The first OT was tense and scoreless. The second OT was tense and exhausting and scoreless, until Dustin Brown deflected a Willie Mitchell shot for the win.

How amazing is this win? It was the Kings' third straight two-goal comeback win. They haven't led in their past three games...and won all three. Amazing.


The Dodgers did their usual thing, playing good enough to make it close but not good enough to actually win. They scored four in the seventh inning (which included a three-run FedEx home run) to give Greinke a 4-3 lead, but the Rockies tied it up to send it into extras, where Perez lost it in the tenth.

Even better, both Dee and Puig left the game, both with apparent hip injuries. Both are listed as day-to-day.

photo via @NHL


Fred's Brim said...

Was there chatter in the twitterverse about Dre's playing of the game-winning hit? I assume Matty said a private "fuck you, Donnie" on the way back to the dugout

Hideo Nomo said...

Yeah, there was a lot of "Defensive upgrade? HUR HUR HUR" stuff.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

The Kings version of SOSG is the blog called, The Royal Half.