Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crawford's Impending Return Creates Questions, But Is Trust Already Broken?

Carl Crawford, eligible to come off the DL as of Thursday, is considering a minor-league assignment so he can work out the kinks a bit. That's mature. What's scary, however, is his description of how Crawford believes the Dodgers' organization is supporting his return (emphasis mine):

As Carl Crawford approaches his return from the disabled list, the Dodgers' outfield overcrowding is about to resurface as an issue.

Crawford is not promised an everyday job when he comes back. So, although the Dodgers have considered whether to activate him as soon as he can play, Crawford said he wants to go on a minor league rehabilitation assignment.

"I think I'd be a little rusty," Crawford said. "In the situation I'm in, I can't afford to come back rusty."

Crawford, on the disabled list with a sprained ankle, said Monday that he has not regained full strength and "explosiveness" in the ankle. He is eligible to be activated Thursday, although that date now appears to be too soon. [...]

The Dodgers have said Andre Ethier is the everyday center fielder, but Crawford isn't so sure.

"If 'Dre is not hitting, something else is going to happen," Crawford said. "If 'Dre struggles, he is not going to play.

"They tell us one thing and something else happens. We can't go by what they say. It's been frustrating for all of us. We have to be men about the situation and accept what is going on and try to do the best for the team."

I know the situation out there in the outfield is a total clusterf'. But Crawford seems to be the first to break ranks and at least call it as such. I'm guessing these seeds of discontent are well sown across all three of the non-Puigers.


Fred's Brim said...

Yikes, they are approaching full bloom it seems. Crawdaddy coming back may be the final dose of manure the situation needs to become a floral shit show. With SVS's play in center lately, are they trying to figure out a platoon with Dre/SVS and CC/Matty in CF/LF, respectively, vs righties/lefties, respectively, respectively?

Paul said...

Crawford wants to be an everyday outfielder even though he can't stay healthy to be an everyday outfielder. Same with Kemp.

Dusty Baker said...

I can't stay healthy, either. Can I play outfield for the Dodgers?