Sunday, June 29, 2014

Post-Game 84 Thread: Back In First


Clayton Kershaw continued his hot streak, winning his sixth straight start and extending his scoreless inning streak to 28 innings, a career high. And what a June: as per the AP recap, "Kershaw went 6-0 with an 0.82 ERA in June, yielding four runs in 44 innings and striking out 61."

The offense today came from many, starting with Adrian Gonzalez who used a bunt single to advance Yasiel Puig to second, and reach first base himself. Gonzalez' move came in the fourth when the Cards used a shift, dropping his bunt on the third-base side of the diamond where it was clear, and it ended up breaking Shelby Miller's no-hitter bid (come on, as Vin Scully said, it's the fourth inning for pete's sake; there's no unwritten rule-breaking here). Matt Kemp then singled in Puig, with A-Gon taking third on the throw; Juan Uribe sacrificed Gonzalez in for a 2-0 lead.

Gonzalez added a RBI single in the fifth to make it 3-0. And Andre Ethier broke it wide open with a three-run HR to right later that inning, scoring Kemp and Gonzalez. 6-0 was all the cushion Kershaw needed to notch 13 Ks over 7.0 IP.

Sure, Uribe's ninth-inning error ended the Dodgers' streak of nine straight errorless games, their longest in a decade. But it's all bubbles and dugout dancing for the Dodgers, who erased a 9.5-game deficit in only three weeks, and (thanks to events elsewhere like the Reds sweeping the Giants over the weekend) now sit back in first place in the NL West. Wow!


Dusty Baker said...

Magic day at the Yard today. Kid K - what can you say? I called 11-12 Ks for him today and he ended up with the over at 13.

Six a freaking oh in June. .61 ERA. Who does that?

Dusty Baker said...

(comments on Red Sox kicking early shit out of Yankmes)

Dusty Baker said...

Son of a bitch Lackey, you let Yankmes back in it. 4-3 Red Sox in the 4th.

Steve Sax said...

8-5 Boston, bottom seven

Both teams look horrible. Plenty of baserunners. Belly-flop in right field led to some Yankmes runs.

Steve Sax said...

8-5 Boston, T9

Dusty Baker said...

8-5 does it and the Yankmes are done.