Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keith Law: Rolling With Dodgers' Holmes-ees

Strangely, Holmes had this crazy play button sewn into his jersey.

Keith Law of ESPN.com credited the Dodgers on their draft of Grant Holmes with their first-round, 22nd pick (link insider only):

Grant Holmes (Round 1) was one of my favorite prep pitchers in the class, a command guy who reached 98 earlier this spring but will probably sit 92-93 every fifth day, with an above-average curveball as well. He's very advanced for a high school pitcher, needing primarily to develop a third pitch but already showing the feel for pitching of a college guy. He was a top-15 talent and still available for L.A. at pick 22.

Alex Verdugo (Round 2) is a two-way player from Tucson who'll go out as a center fielder first, with the mound a backup option; he fell more than anything else due to makeup concerns, as he's a talented athlete who has a chance for a plus curveball and solid-average fastball on the mound, while he has a sound swing with an all-fields approach and should be a plus defender in right given time. At 6-foot, 200 pounds, he doesn't have physical projection left, but does have a lot of room for the development of other parts of his game, as long as he can stay on the field.

UNLV's John Richy (Round 3) was a surprise in the third round, 90-92 with good bore and an above-average changeup, but an upright finish and some head violence at release make him a reliever in the long run. Washington's Jeff Brigham (Round 4) will hit 95 regularly but isn't a strikeout guy, getting a 71 percent ground ball rate primarily with his fastball, as his off-speed stuff is fringy; he might have a Jake Westbrook ceiling if he can stay in the rotation.

Jared Walker (Round 5) has size and power but may end up in right field, and scouts questioned his makeup as well. California Baptist right-hander Trevor Oaks (Round 7) finished eighth in Division II in strikeouts, although he doesn't have an above-average pitch, changing speeds well with four average or fringe-average offerings. Stanford's A.J. Vanegas (Round 11) finally stayed healthy, more or less, and flashed mid-90s velocity, but his history of back problems pushed him out of the top 10 rounds. As a senior he needs to just sign and get out and pitch, since the $2 million-plus he turned down out of high school isn't coming back.

As context, Law also mentioned the Giants' first-round pick, Tyler Beede, whose "command and makeup posed serious enough questions for him to slip into the teens." Law did not mention Tyler's Beede eyes, however. Law also did say that Arizona had one of the top-four drafts (again, link insider only).


Hideo Nomo said...

Am I terrible for thinking Dodgers jerseys with "Holmes" on the back could be a gold mine?

Steve Sax said...


What's up, Holmes?