Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Post-Game 73 Thread: Big Bats, Tiny Bubbles


The Kings brought the Stanley Cup to Dodger Stadium tonight. It worked.

Somebody (Kemp? AGon?) brought a bubble machine into the Dodger dugout. It also worked.

Hanley cranks a two-run home run in the third inning? Dancing and bubbles. Matty goes solo in the fourth? Dancing and bubbles. New guy Carlos Triunfel whips his first major-league homer for some Geico (okay, Progressive)? Dancing and bubbles.

Puig didn't homer and went 1 for 4, but he did this. We can't confirm if there was dancing and bubbles afterward.

Greinke got that elusive ninth win, burning through 117 pitches over six innings. The bullpen was kind of shaky: Howell and League loaded the bases in the seventh, along with an error by Dee, but only one run scored. Wilson sandwiched a DP between a walk and a single, and Kenley allowed back-to-back singles before getting the save.

Okay, what's the bad news? A one-hopper went off of Ramirez's finger in the seventh. How's it going, Hanley?

Great! Even better, the Giants lost again, putting the Dodgers five games back (it was 9.5 games last week). Bubble on!


Steve Sax said...

Interesting how Puig makes that play and then Andre runs past him without any congratulations at all. Nice encouragement, Andre!

Fred's Brim said...

Please put Hanley on the DL. Finger injuries take a while to fix and he'll no doubt try to come back too soon and then struggle for the next month. 2 weeks may be too soon.

Hideo Nomo said...

*preps bubble and #DanceParty PGT ideas*