Monday, June 16, 2014

P. Diddy Documents Record-Setting Autograph Collection

Some people turn off their sports brain while on vacation, but not loyal SoSG reader Steve "P. Diddy" Dittmore. A note from the prof:

I was on vacation last week in the Tampa area and visited the St. Petersburg Museum of History to view Schrader's Little Cooperstown.

This dude has more than 4,600 autographed baseballs on display. I snapped some iPhone pics of several Dodgers you and your readers might enjoy, including SoSGSax!

According to their website, "Schrader’s Little Cooperstown is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest private collection of autographed baseballs in the world." And with gems from Kenshaw and Either, why not?

Seriously, this is just a peek at what looks like an amazing collection. Thanks, Steve!


BJ Killeen said...

Who is Clayton Kenshaw? :-p

Steve Dittmore said...

BJ - for all the time this dude spent hoarding signed baseballs, his organization left a lot to be desired. The number of typos was embarrassing.