Tuesday, June 10, 2014

David Schoenfield: Not Rolling With Dodgers' Maholm-ies

In his blogpost, "Five reasons the Dodgers have struggled," David Schoenfield says that along with the unreliable bullpen, porous defense, unproductive catchers, and lack of a big bat, the Dodgers suffered just by screwing around with Paul Maholm as a starter:

5. The Paul Maholm disaster

The Dodgers won just two of the seven games that Maholm started, most of those while filling in for Kershaw. He had a 5.50 ERA with more walks than strikeouts. Even as a fifth starter, he was terrible.

Funny that Maholm incurred the wrath of Schoenfield such that he was the only person to get specific subhead mention. Wonder what Maholm ever did to Schoenfield?