Sunday, June 15, 2014

Post-Game 71 Thread: Dodger,s Sloppy, Drop Game

Looks like we're not the only sloppy group out there, ESPN.


So much for startin' somethin'. With all the fire of a candle in the wind, the Dodgers played the seventh inning of what was a 2-1 game like a bunch of Little Leaguers, basically ceding the game. Let's recap the action:

First, Miguel Montero gets a one-out single when Adrian Gonzalez takes a couple of steps toward a grounder that he can't possibly retrieve, and Josh Beckett forgets to cover first, leaving Dee Gordon (who fielded said ball) to try and outrun Montero to first (Gordon failed). Then a basehit to left is fielded by Matt Kemp so lackadaisically, that Montero scurries all the way to third, with Aaron Hill stretching his hit into a double. Finally, Martin Prado hits a ball to Gordon, who blows the play, notching yet another error and allowing two runs to score. Once 2-1 Arizona, now it's 4-1, and the Dodgers look like a bunch of imbeciles. (I'm not even mentioning Drew Butera running right through the stop sign in the bottom of the seventh, getting tagged out at third base, and limiting the Dodgers' rally to one run.)

Yesterday, we had the DD working for us. Today, it was more like ADHD. Part of the reason why we haven't won four in a row yet this year is because we can't seem to sustain concentration for more than a couple of games at a time, tops. We can't keep expecting the Rockies to make comeback victories on the hapless Giants, and not take advantage of this ourselves. Time for sloppiness to end, guys.