Thursday, April 03, 2014

Vin Scully, Righteous Dude

At some point in last night's broadcast, legendary voice of the Dodgers Vin Scully uttered the words, "It's my bad, dude!"

Now, I don't have SportsNet LA yet, so I have no idea what the context of the quote was. If someone could fill us in, so we can get it properly transcribed for the Vin Scully Repository, that would be fantastic.

In the meantime, super-cool friend of the blog Sarah Wexler (of Korean Baseball Translations fame) captured the key moment and shared it on Soundcloud. And thus, a million new text tones were born.

No, Vin. It is NEVER your bad, dude.

UPDATE: Sarah was nice enough to upload the full context.

Ball one.

J.P. Howell tells a little story: The first lesson that he learned from his Double-A Wichita manager. He'd been there, he said, about three days, and he passed by the manager. And the manager said, "How ya doin'?" and Howell said, "Yeah, great, dude!"

Well (laughs), later he was called into the office by the manager, who explained it wasn't best to call your manager "dude." (Chuckles) And then, he said, "OK, it's my bad, dude...OH! Oh no, I said it again!" (Laughs)

Insanely awesome GIF by SBNation.


Robert Fiore said...

The great advantage for a broadcaster of coming from a deeply religious is that you're equipped with a whole vocabulary non-obscene swear words.

karen said...

Ahhh, just hearing Vinny's voice these days brings a smile to my face.