Saturday, April 05, 2014

Post-Game 7 Thread: Bumgarner Owns Bums

Is this the lost Joe Beimel bobblehead?


The Dodgers are 2-0 against the Diamondbacks and 2-1 against the Padres, but they're now 0-2 against the Giants after San Francisco once again busted out the bats at Dodger Stadium. In the past two games the Giants have outscored the Dodgers 15-6.

Paul Maholm was ineffective, allowing a solo home run to Michael Morse and a three-run shot to Pablo Sandoval. Jose Dominguez relieved Maholm in the fifth inning and promptly gave up a solo homer to Buster Posey.

Juan Uribe and Andre Ethier contributed RBIs for the Dodgers, and Yasiel Puig had a single, was picked off first base to end the third, and presumably showed up on time.


Fred's Brim said...

I know Bumgarner is one of the better lefties in the league but it was interesting to see Donnie's platoon ideas for the outfield. I wonder if SVS will be a regular in the outfield "rotation." Dre, Matty and Puig can all play center and right but none of them can play left.

Paul said...

I was really disappointed in the Dodger fans where I was sitting yesterday. People kept asking where was Kershaw and some acted as if Ryu's performance was expected. Really? Give your tickets to some real fans.

Dusty Baker said...

They may be bums but they're our bums.

Dusty Baker said...

Sax goes to three games: all wins.

I go to two: all losses.

Steve Sax said...

@DB: It's all about practice. You gotta keep getting out there, my man!