Friday, April 04, 2014

Post-Game 6 Thread: Disappointing Home Opener


The Dodgers had not lost a home opener since 2007. But that streak ended at six, as Hyun-Jin Ryu struggled to get that third out in the first inning (Matt Kemp didn't help any with a fielding error in his return to play), then got snakebit by a Hanley Ramirez error in the second. Ryu gave up eight runs, six earned, and didn't come out to start the third inning. And that's basically all she wrote; heck, even the Giants can hold onto a eight-run lead every once in a while.

Adrian Gonzalez and Andre Ethier had back-to-back HR in the fourth, keeping Ryan Vogelsong from completing five innings and getting the win. Ha, ha! Kemp also doubled in a run and Ethier singled in another run, but the Dodgers' offense couldn't score again after that. Having Chone Figgins bat to lead off the ninth couldn't have raised a white flag any higher, right, Donnie?

The Dodgers end up going 1-for-3 in 2014 Opening Day games. Enough, already!

Oh yeah, and Dee Gordon went 2-for-4 and is batting .412 on the year. So maybe there is hope, even on a day of disappointment.

photo swiped from here; worth a look at the full apartment (Houston, of all places!)


Neeebs (The Original) said...

Has the North American baseball season started? I can't tell my my point of view in Uverseville.