Monday, April 07, 2014

Guest Article: "Changes to the Dirt Bag Parking Section"

From longtime SoSG-a-maniac "Todd"

Hemmed in by yesterday's CicLAvia, we had to take the long way to the stadium which made for a nice warm up of getting stuck in Clipper traffic downtown. Even so, we arrived in only 45 minutes (not bad for a 12 mile drive) which meant we'd have a full hour and a half to check out all the new stadium upgrades before the first pitch.
As we hung a left onto Stadium Way, I boldly said to my wife, "Can't wait to see how great our free parking spot is." Before those ill-fated words even finished falling out of my mouth, we realized we were doomed. Doomed all the way down into the far off, yet welcoming, bosom of Elysian Park- something that only ever happens when the Yankees are in town.


Nearing the end of our nearly mile long slog, we realized the culprit. It wasn't die-hard Lupe Fiasco fans. Nope, Boylston Street had suddenly become a no parking zone. Thanks to one lone sign on an orange cone, half of Dodger Stadium's complimentary parking was wiped from the map.

Was this a temporary Opening Weekend policy? Hard to say but the zip-tie lashing the sign to the cone looked like it was in it for the long haul. Plan on arriving extra early if you want that free parking.

Thank you to the Cornhusking Todd for the friendly warning. I used to be the king - or at least, court jester - of the street parking. But no more. A sign of reaching my fourth decade - I don't mind shelling out the $10 if it saves me some walking.


Neeebs (The Original) said...

Park at the Police Academy and bring your fake bag. Mine says McLovin.

rsle said...

Thanks for the heads up. We park in the dirtbag section exclusively when we drive to games and I was already getting nervous when I read an article about this year's changes to stadium access. Hoping our beloved spots are still an option. Going to our first game of thecseason tomorrow so we'll see. Otherwise we'll be going metro the rest of the year which really isn't a bad thing since we live walking distance from a station.