Thursday, April 24, 2014

Post-Game 23 Thread: Can We Just Trade for Carlos Ruiz?

They call me...Dodger Killer


The Dodgers average an error per game, three of their five outfielders are flirting with or below the Mendoza Line, and their bullpen is overworked and underskilled. Yet they went into the ninth inning tonight tied at three thanks to a QualityStart™ by Dan Haren and home runs by Juan Uribe and Adrian Gonzalez.

Then Carlos Ruiz, who bats .273/.358/.412 lifetime but .296/.413/.456 lifetime against the Dodgers, did his Dodger-killing thing, lacing a two-run double off a clearly not-right Brian Wilson. The Phillies tacked on two more runs to rub it in our faces and the Dodgers find themselves with a 6-9 record against teams without the letter Z in their name.

Surging Rox in town tomorrow. Hold on to your butts.

photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images


Fred's Brim said...

FB mad.
Shitty fielding, hitting that relies too much on home runs, broken relievers. Not a good mix.

QuadSevens said...

Games that give you hope are great. Games that give you hope and then smash that hope in the 9th inning are terrible.

I found it funny that as Mattingly was bringing the hook to Wilson, the stadium started playing "We're Not Gonna Take It". Apparently someone in the control booth is just as pissed with his performance as the fans are.

karen said...

This new blocking/collision at home rule is going to be a problem.