Friday, April 04, 2014

Johnny Blanchard, Doing God's Work

Got an email from loyal reader Johnny Blanchard:

Have you guys done this? Culled all the games that are available for the non-SNLA people? I found these:

  • FS1, 6 games, including this Saturday (according to this article, these games will not be blacked out)
  • ESPN, 4 games (one already played last Sunday), including this coming Sunday (schedule only released through July 20), and you gotta figure there'll be a few more later on in the year, one is on a Tuesday)
  • Angels, FSW, 4 games:
    • Monday, August 4 @LA Dodgers 7:10 PM FS-W
    • Tuesday, August 5 @LA Dodgers 7:10 PM FS-W
    • Wednesday, August 6 vs. LA Dodgers 7:05 PM FS-W
    • Thursday, August 7 vs. LA Dodgers 7:05 PM FS-W

14 games, well shit, who needs SNLA when you have 7 innings of Steiner & Monday on the radio?

Thanks, Johnny, from the 99.9% of us who don't have Time-Warner Cable!


karen said...

Bless you, Johnny!!