Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Stubbs Licks Yet Another Stat

As "anyone" will tell you, the Dodgers have had some success, but they haven't faced anyone respectable, amirite? But just how much better was the Dodgers schedule than the second place team in the division?

Well, Dodger fans, I regret to tell you that you have had it easier than the Giants have...by a whopping half-win. The average opponent that LA has faced this year currently has 12.9 wins, while the average San Francisco opponent has 13.4 (not including last night's pants-down-spanking).

Even more telling, if we look at their opponents records independent of games where they faced that club (for instance, the Padres would be 9-for-23, excluding their seven games against the Dodgers), the cumulative record for the Dodgers' opponents is .459, while the record for the Giants' opponents is .454.

I'm not about to argue that those numbers give the definitive representation of strength-of-schedule, but the next time someone qualifies the Dodgers' quick start, remind yourself that we won the games that were on our schedule better than every other team in the the league.

Image courtesy of the chartastic Great Baseball Race blog.


Steve Sax said...

nice stat-licking, stubbs!