Thursday, May 31, 2012

McCourt's Dodgers Leadership Not Off The Hook Just Yet

Bill Shaikin of the LAT reported that a federal grand jury is investigating financial improprieties that may have occurred during Frank McCourt's ownership of the Dodgers. The LA Daily Journal broke the story.

A federal grand jury is investigating possible criminal financial misconduct of the Dodgers and related entities during the ownership of Frank and Jamie McCourt, a person familiar with the matter told The Times.

Authorities have requested documents from representatives of each of the McCourts, the person said. The investigation started early last year and appears to be focused on the accounting and propriety of Dodgers spending, the person said.

The Los Angeles Daily Journal first reported the investigation.

The McCourt divorce proceedings and the Dodgers' subsequent bankruptcy filing led to revelations about how team money had been diverted for the personal use of the McCourts. In a Bankruptcy Court filing, Major League Baseball alleged McCourt had "looted" $189 million from the Dodgers for personal use, a claim attorneys for McCourt called inflammatory and unsupportable.

We Sons have talked many an evening over how Frank McCourt never got his karmic retribution, a topic of which we're fond of speaking. (Trust me.) After all of his shenanigans, he walked away with a princely sum indeed.

So now that the feds talk in maths, with the buzzing (like a fridge) heating up: will Frankie continue to be a detuned radio?

Oh, and Steve Dilbeck reports that the firm that represented Frank McCourt in bankruptcy going bankrupt. This guy's like a black widow. Or maybe an asphalt widow.


MR.F said...

His Hitler hairdo makes me feel ill.