Friday, May 25, 2012

PCS 5.4 Solution

Yesterday's edition of the PCS featured a freakshow of a baseball game and fans just trying to make sense of it all. To no one's surprise, ubragg was able to make sense out of it in 22 minutes, followed closely by BCCSweet. To solve the puzzle, you had to identify what was different from a standard baseball game in each couplet of the poem, take the amount over or under, and count that many letters left or right.

It doesn't fit! It isn't right!
(9 + 2) p L ayers start tonight.

I note that, much to my dismay,
We'll play to inn I ng (9 - 3) today.

It still feels wrong, the game's beginning.
Was that an out on strike (3 + 4) swi N ging?

My jaw fell slack, my eyes grew wide.
Out number (3 + 7) retire D the side.

"I can't explain these rules!" I kvetch.
What's this a B out a (7 - 5) inning stretch?

They had a fight, the benches cleared
But (25 + 2) p L ayers per team appeared.

A fellow fan was heard to say
"D O all (30 - 4) teams play this way?"

A man, who chanced to overhear
replied, "(162 + 3) ti M es each year".

The referenced letters spell the last name of the Dodger in question, Josh Lindblom!

Congratulations to solvers ubragg, BCCSweet, Eric Karros, Steve K, QuadSevens, and Jason! Rankings will be published shortly. The next puzzle is the first half Grand Slam, Thursday, June 14, 7am.

Hat tip to ubragg for the Extreme Baseball photo inspiration


Franklin Stubbs said...

I conveniently neglected to write this up yesterday, as I was busy tying one on.

QuadSevens said...

I believe that is the only acceptable excuse here.

Franklin Stubbs said...

It's less an excuse than a calling.

Pride of Dong said...

I did the par as math, did the equation, the answer was 6, so I would have guessed Garvey. Thank God I don't play this!