Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shout Out to Blue Crew at Whole Foods Pasadena

This afternoon I had a nice conversation with the bar man at the wine bar at Whole Foods on Arroyo in Pasadena. True Blue, he is. As I paid up he noted to one of the fellas in the meat department of the presence of a great Dodgers fan (I was sporting an LA hat and Dodgers hoodie). Right about then I handed him my Bank of America Dodgers-branded debit card. Meat Dept guy was fired up when he saw that. He told me to come by for a sample. I did. Wonderful "sample" of mouthwatering BBQ pork that Mrs Dusty and I split. Well, I probably had more.

Anyway, thanks for your generosity and your love for our Boys in Blue, guys at Arroyo Whole Foods!