Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lost Weekend Part III - Bobble On, Wayne.

Memorial Day weekend. A beautiful Sunday day game with highs under 80.

A Tuesday night game... with Free Infield Bobbleheads!
Who am I to judge? I was there too, for my third game in three days. DelinO 2.0 was by my side, anxiously looking for his next hot dog fix.
The last time we randomly went to a game, the ticket office gave us two tickets for the price of one. No such luck on Tuesday, especially since the stadium was almost sold out. And I even did something that few DeShields have ever dared to attempt in the past - I paid for parking. Cause $10 is such a deal compared to $15. Okay, it's still a rip off, but now at least it feels like I got a kiss on the back of the head afterwards.
Alas, most of the excitement came from free chachkees. Two for one golf in Palm Springs!
Free glimpse of our favorite meteorologist.
Thanks to Ethier's RBI in the bottom of the sixth, FREE WINGS!
During rush hour today, I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider adding an hour to my commute just to get my six free wings.
CRAP. As I write this, the clock's struck 12:01am, so my Wingstop and Subway offers both expired. There's truly nothing more expensive in this world... than regret.
The game was a solid pitchers' duel, though I had to listen to the last two innings since SOMEBODY had to go to bed. (lame). Fortunately, I had DAD and three of my mini neck-impaired best friends to keep me company.
After 72 hours of baseball, I'm ready to turn my attention to more important things: my family, my job, my country and that Dolph Lundgren movie where he plays a drummer who saves all of Russia.

(And yes, we already had a Dolph label)


MR.F said...

I'd be disappointed if there wasn't yet a Dolph label!