Saturday, May 26, 2012

At-Game Recap: Frigid Night, Ice-Cold Lineup (May 25, 2012)

Well, Mrs. Sax and I saw our first loss of the year, thanks to a less-than-perfect outing from Clayton Kershaw (who is always awesome to see pitch, irrespective) and a lineup that pockets of sporadic hits, but runners that could never come 'round to score.

Dee Gordon in the eight-hole is absurd, by the way, given AJ Ellis is getting on base 44% of the time (from the seven-hole), and then, should SkinnySwag pull the fluke and somehow, surprisingly, get on base, Gordon can't move with Ellis in front of him. This played out exactly in the bottom of the second, when AJEllis walked with one out and Gordon singled; Kershaw bunted but they forced Ellis at third, and Tony Gwynn Jr. grounded to second to end the inning. Ridiculous.

James Loney was disappointing, going 0-for-3 and accounting for four outs in those three ABs (thanks to an inning-ending GIDP). When he was removed in the eighth as the Dodgers were trying to rally, only to watch Ivan DeJesus Jr. feebly K (at least two swings in that AB seemed to be twenty minutes late), it really showed how little faith we have in FJL's bat. And that's our six-hole.

Plus, it was freezing at the Stadium last night. So cold, in fact, that when the KCAL9 in-game weather report came on DiamondVision during the middle of the game, I could have sworn the weatherwoman's nipples seemed hard. But maybe that was just me. So anyway, Mrs. Sax and I escaped to the Stadium Club for some refuge from the cold.

So here are the pictures:

Always great to see the Minotaur dealing, even on what could be called an off-night (by his other-worldly standards).

Greeted by an old friend, en route to the Stadium Club.

in the Stadium Club, I had never noticed the wall of sketches over in the far corner. Here's Don Drysdale.

Here's our view of the very large TV behind the bar. I need one of these in our living room.

Went back down for the eighth inning rally. Nomar, sitting in front of us, had his rally cap on. Oh well.

We will get back there soon. Hopefully, for a win!


Steve Sax said...

Giants and Markins tied at 1, top 3

Steve Sax said...

4-1 Fish in the fourth. Ashley Madison had a bad third.

Franklin Stubbs said...

Wash yer bum, garner!

Steve Sax said...

4-1 through five

Fred's Brim said...

I was told there'd be nipples?

Orel said...

So. About those nipples.

Dusty Baker said...

When I walk through that hallway to/from Stadium Club, I always have to slow down and touch the Jackie column wrap.