Monday, May 28, 2012

Lilly Out for at Least One Start

From "Nathan Eovaldi to start for Dodgers in place of Ted Lilly" by Kevin Baxter of the LA Times:

The Dodgers are recalling pitcher Nathan Eovaldi from double-A Chattanooga to start in place of Ted Lilly on Tuesday against Milwaukee.

Although Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly coyly deflected questions about Eovaldi on Sunday, Chattanooga pitching coach Chuck Crim later confirmed that the pitcher is headed to Los Angeles and said he was told the right-hander would take Lilly's place in the rotation.

So did Lilly get shelled by the Diamondbacks because he came back down to earth, or he was hurt? Our minor-league position players have served us well; let's see how their pitchers do.


spank said...

Hey! No race car SoSG race game this year. I didn't get to break out my Milka Duno avatar.

Fernie V said...

Damn it just when I was starting to like him.

Dusty Baker said...

The lesson here, Fernie, is not to ever like anybody!

Dusty Baker said...

Lilly confirmed to DL. M. Antonini called up.