Monday, May 21, 2012

Post-Game 42 Thread: Dodgers Explode on Snakes


Tonight was kind of an odd night:

  • Prime Ticket had a technical issue that prevented them from broadcasting commercials for much of the game. (It was wonderful.)
  • Sportscaster (and good son) Patrick O'Neal apologized to us on Twitter. (Unnecessarily, as he's a prince just for plugging the the #AJ2KC bandwagon.)
  • The Kempless Dodgers hit three home runs: Matt Treanor had a two-run homer in the second, Andre Ethier had a solo shot in the seventh and James Loney had a two-run homer in the eighth. (Justin Sellers also contributed with an RBI-triple.)

Chris Capuano wasn't dominant but he was effective, getting his sixth win by allowing four hits and one run over six innings. He helped his own cause by spearing a nasty Jason Kubel line drive to end the fourth, just as the Snakes were getting ready to explode from their tin can.

Ronald Belisario, Javy Guerra and Jamey Wright provided relief as the 29-13 Dodgers continue their MLB-leading ways. Join us for another 6:30PM start tomorrow!


karina said...

The Dodgers not only have increased my optimism, I'm daydreaming about bigger things.

Go Blue!

Steve Sax said...

FJL baby

Hideo Nomo said...

Last four games:

They're sixy beasts.

Dusty Baker said...

Just had to re-watch the Champions League final PKs and trophy presentation. Yep, that really happened. #CFC

Steve Sax said...

10 points from Bynum tonight? What a tool.

Steve Sax said...

Ronald McDonald with a can full of snakes could have scored more than Andrew Bynum tonight

NicJ said...

People outside of the arena made more shots than Bynum.

(I am going to hell)

Wicks said...

How did we win with a AAA line-up?

NicJ said...

The good thing about a roster filled with near replacement level talent is that they are, well, easy to replace.