Monday, May 07, 2012

Peter Guber Is Off to a Great Start

From "Cool-A-Coo comeback: A chocolate-covered win-win for the Dodgers" by Bill Shaikin at the LA Times:

Mark Walter lives in Chicago. Stan Kasten spent most of his adult life in Atlanta. Peter Guber is an L.A. guy.

So, when Guber pitched a nostalgic idea on behalf of L.A. fans, his partners in the new Dodgers ownership group listened.

"Curly Coo," Guber told Kasten. "There is nothing like a Curly Coo." [...]

Kasten, the new Dodgers president, eventually figured out what Guber had tried to say. When Kasten met with Levy Restaurants, the company that handles the Dodgers' concessions, he demanded better food, shorter lines and Cool-A-Coos — if, that is, Levy could find them.

"The Levy people are tracking it down," Kasten said. "They have been sending me updates on the Cool-A-Coo front."

Dodger fans of a certain age will have fond memories of the Cool-A-Coo ice cream sandwich, a largish puck of vanilla ice cream between two chocolate-chip cookies, all covered in a chocolate shell. Biting into a frozen Cool-A-Coo was akin to sinking your teeth into a brick, but a few minutes in the afternoon sun turned the cookies surprisingly soft and chewy, which made the whole thing a delight. I'm trying to eat healthy nowadays, but a Dodger Dog followed by a Cool-A-Coo still sounds like a winning combination.

Also: Cool-A-Coo, Where Are You? (LA Times, August 15, 1999)


Fred's Brim said...

Nic campaign is finally paying off!

Fred's Brim said...


Steve Sax said...

This sounds like it's more Kasten than Guber

spank said...

So it's a chipwich.

Unknown said...

no!!! its not a chipwich you of a bas*ard! its a COOL A COO!!!

Unknown said...

no!!! its not a chipwich you of a bas*ard! its a COOL A COO!!!

spank said...

Take it easy,holmes. Didn't mean to hurt your vaj.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Chipwich was my nickname in high school. And college.