Monday, May 07, 2012

Bad Bounce or Lucky Hop

Listen closely to the opening of this recent newscast.

Sue Simmons may be on her way out at WNBC, but leave it to the veteran co-anchor of 32 years to cement her presence with yet another on-air blunder.

On Monday evening's 11PM news slot, Simmons blurted out "The ball took a bad hop and it hit me in my breast!" while transitioning from the television show "Smash" to the news. Simmons' longtime co-anchor Chuck Scarborough questioned, "Are we on?" and then quickly recovered by previewing a safety news segment, with Simmons following suit with her own preview lines.

Yikes, though definitely not as bad as her 2008 "What the f**k are you doing" bomb she dropped live on-air. While Simmons apologized for her hilarious incident, the moment has become a classic moment in live television's greatest blunders.

So many torrid questions... though she could be merely alluding to the SoSG Softball "Game."