Tuesday, May 08, 2012

One More Opening Day 2012 Retrospective

Just squeaking in under the wire for an Opening Day 2012 photo recap. I had them all uploaded and then never went around to do the captions.

Opening Day 2012 was great and of course I was jazzed for the game, as always. This year, I went with SoSG Orel, which ensured that I got there plenty early and could just soak it in. Orel had never been to an Opening Day at Dodger Stadium, so it was neat to see it through his eyes as we got there early, saw the stadium start to fill up, took in all the pageantry, drink a beer or four, and watch the Dodgers storm to a 5-3 victory (catalyzed by a James Loney RBI walk as well as a towering Matt Kemp HR). Orel had a great time, as did I; and we wrapped up the day with a big fiesta barbecue back at my house after the game, with plenty of friends and family who also were in attendance.

Now, I missed Opening Day 2011, the first Opening Day I had missed since starting this blog (see the bottom for my recaps). One would think that I would be overflowing with anticipation about the 2012 edition, especially since I almost jumped out of my shoes upon receiving the awesome Opening Day 2012 ticket.

But I'll be honest, this one didn't seem to have all of the buzz and anticipation of prior years. The pre-game festivities seemed a little bit off this year. The Beach Boys were fine and all, but they didn't rock the house on either of their numbers. The player introductions were solid, but not as awesome as when players came down the field-level aisles in 2009 (in fact, I recall players used to greet early admittees to the stadium in prior years; I didn't see any for this game). No one hit for the cycle. There weren't even any new urinals.

Maybe this was the dark cloud of the Frank McCourt era, still hanging over the team with its shadow, which tempered my enthusiasm. Maybe being in the sun on a Tuesday afternoon was so unusual that my body shutdown from the shock. Maybe I had gone out too quickly with the beers (unlikely).

Anyway, it was a good Opening Day this year, just not one for the ages. Don't worry, I still bought the commemorative t-shirt (which I'm sure I'll see at the Team Store in November for 50% off). I still have good memories, but it was more about the whole Dodger-day experience, and not just anything particular about the Opening Day 2012 festivities.

But here are the pictures!

Goodyear blimp, as we head up the hill toward the Sunset Gate.

Dude with big drum on the corner. Somewhere in Los Angeles, there marches a beatless parade.

Preferred parking! And it didn't even cost $35!

Orel and I at the Stadium!

More pictures after "le jump"!

Outside the team store.

Giveaway Crew, handing out magnet schedules (I'd actually prefer a Giveaway Crew shirt, but whatever).

Jersey-clad mannequins! Treanor and Uribe in the back of the row, not all that surprisingly!

This guy with the flag was actually signalling the end of the team store queue for the registers, which snaked the whole way through the tent and out the door. Yikes.

Dodger legends hang in the team store rafters. Sure, it's a portable tent, but at least that's something, right? (Magic: move these to the main stadium concourses, stat.)

Steve Garvey has to pay retail! Hi, Dad!

Adrian Beltre pays retail, too!

This cute little guy should not have to pay retail.

Like the shirt? My friends at dodgermagicshirt.com have the details! Tell them that SoSG Sax sent you.

My first Dodger Dog of the (regular) season. Mustard and onions; like I always say, you gotta eat your vegetables.

That's all I've got, as Orel clearly had a better camera with him, and took better shots from Opening Day 2012. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to start getting fired up for Opening Day 2013 now. And yes, I'll buy another t-shirt.


Neeebs (The Original) said...

You guys all have the same face, but you don't look a thing like your dad.

Steve Sax said...

But we are happy folk!

MeanieBreanie said...

What can you say about brothers from another mother.

More pics please!

Franklin Stubbs said...
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Franklin Stubbs said...

Remember that one time AC turned us all on to the health benefits of colloidal silver?

I'm beginning to think there might be side effects...

Neeebs (The Original) said...

@FS: Side effects???

cc: Lasorda, Pedro, EK

Franklin Stubbs said...


On the other hand, none of those guys ever showed up looking Dodger Blue, so maybe a little argyria is a small price to pay for our lives.