Friday, May 04, 2012

Giants' Sandoval Injures Hand, But Piles On The Food References Anyway

I tried to bite my tongue when I found out Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval broke his hand and will miss four to six weeks. Although we make plenty of fun of Kung Fat Panda on this blog, injuries are not funny, so I was going to let it go.

Then I found out the bone Sandoval broke was the hamate bone. Okay, I could make that joke, but it's still a bit of a stretch. I opted to pass.

And that slight pause was just enough window for to come in and make the food references:

SAN FRANCISCO -- The offense-starved Giants were forced to scrape for morsels of optimism Thursday as third baseman Pablo Sandoval, their top run producer, went on the 15-day disabled list with a fractured left hamate bone.

"Offense-starved"? "Scrape for morsels"?

Who's hungry? Let's pile on more toppings!


MeanieBreanie said...

Did somebody say Hamachi?

Dusty Baker said...

Just for the record, I only pointed out his injury in a thread yesterday. I didn't make light of it. Karma is a bitch.

Hideo Nomo said...

Is it weird that I've only heard of the hamate bone in reference to Pablo Sandwich?

Steve Sax said...

And then last night, when SportsCenter said that "Sandoval broke his hand bone", I could have sworn the guy said "Sandoval broke his hambone".

Dusty Baker said...

What's the hambone connected to?

Dusty Baker said...

Off to the DMV.

Fuck the Gnats, and Cargo, too.

Let's get some runs!