Monday, September 12, 2011

Dodgers Sit Down for Cancer

Star Wars Night at the Ballpark (

To be fair, maybe the Dodgers are donating some proceeds to their own charity, ThinkCure. But it's hard not to feel that asterisk, floating there like the Death Star, was added expressly to shame Frank McCourt.


Fred's Brim said...

There are lots of reasons we've been playing better recently but one that I have overlooked until now is that the whole McCourt drama has been relatively quiet over the last couple of months. When was the last real event in this saga? Was it the court ruling to say that Frank should take the MLB money instead of from the guy with the slicked-back hair, gold chains and shiny-yet-dingy suit? That was at the end of July. Players have always said it's not a distraction but maybe it is.

Unknown said...

Or maybe, the old vets gave room to the youngins. There is a new young vibe in the clubhouse. An energy of we need and can win from the rookies. They need to win, to win a job. That energy just might transfer to Loney, Barajas, etc. And the club is doing well without Uribe, Blake, Broxton, Furcal, etc. Youth is what this team needs. With Kemp and Ethier as the vets, we'll be alright.