Thursday, August 04, 2011

Texas @ Detroit: The Unknown Soldier

I wanted to check in this morning on my favorite malcontent tub of lard ex-Dodger pitcher, Brad Penny, who is starting today against Texas at home. And, looking at's GameDay, it was interesting to see Brad being forces unknown:

Kinda creepy, if you asked me.


Steve Sax said...

Brad Penny's badge today would have been earned with 5 strikeouts.

He got 0 in his 6.2 IP (11 H, 5 ER).

Texas is up 5-2 in the seventh now, getting badge-lovers in line for an Alzexi Ogando badge (win), should they escape this two-out two-on jam.

Fernie V said...

Check out this article I read, man I am really thinking we are going to regret this trade.

I got it from Roberto's if you have any trouble loading.

Steve Sax said...

gotta love tampa bay's spunk

down 4-3 in the tenth, they score one in the bottom of the tenth to tie it

down 6-4 in the eleventh, they score two in the bottom of the eleventh to tie it

they score one in the bottom of the twelfth to win it


Fred's Brim said...

Dammit, that article has made me mad all over again!