Wednesday, May 04, 2011

SoSG's Mr. LA Sports Czar Writes Tomorrow's Plaschke, Today

Well done, Mr. LA Sports Czar...Bill may actually use this himself and save himself from thinking about a lede:

Bill Plaschke's article* from tomorrow's paper:

The Lakers were distracted.

Distracted by Phil's last game.

Distracted by the pressure mounting on their shoulders.

Distracted by Lamar's new reality show.

Distracted by that one dunk Andrew Bynum missed back in December of 2007.

Those distractions ultimately distracted the Lakers out of two home games.

*Note- article is entirely fabricated


Earlier: Deadspin Exposes Plaschke's Pre-Written "Distracted" Narratives


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

As Ke$ha would say, this place about to blow.

I've had this song stuck in my head all day.

NicJ said...

Steve Dilbeck's next article:

Does anybody actually read this

spank said...

Would have looked better with Auto-Tune. Nice.

Paul said...

Frank's next interview: The Lakers are fine. They will win this series if Bud will just let me sign this deal with Fox.

NicJ said...

Luckily i have lame ass jury duty tomorrow so it prevents me from listening to sports talk radio.

spank said...

Kobe's coming out at the beginning of next game with his dientitos(teeth)sticking out like a rat going in for the kill.Trust me.We are coming back to L.A. tied.

Trust me.

*rattles 16 championship rings*

NicJ said...

Jeeze Fenway is empty right now. I thought only LA fans left early.

Steve Sax said...

Just checked the LAT website and didnt see plaschke's column up yet. He must be lost in the blank space between one-sentence paragraphs.

bodyelectric84 said...

Oh Shit! Forgot this is a Dodger Blog.


spank said...

Oh Shit! Forgot I was working under a different account.


Steve Sax said...

Actual Plaschke article here.