Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Magics Johnson sent me a personal request to help get the NFL back to SoCal.

Lots of people think Los Angeles is a basketball town. But I'll tell you what, that's just not completely accurate. Los Angeles is a football town, too.

Our friends at AEG - the people who gave the Lakers a new home at STAPLES Center 12 years ago - have a plan to build Farmers Field, an amazing new football stadium right next door. Once it's built, Los Angeles will finally be ready to bring an NFL team back to the city. So I'm doing everything I can to tell Los Angeles about the official petition in support of Farmers Field.

Tell the City of Los Angeles to complete the L.A. LIVE sports and entertainment district and finally give our city the NFL football team we deserve. Everyone who signs up will get a FREE Farmers Field bumper sticker:


I know better than anyone: Los Angeles has the best sports fans in the world. It's about time that we finally give our city a football team- and bring "Showtime" back to Los Angeles, not just on the basketball court, but on the football field.

I'm all for it, unless it means the line at Katsuya gets longer.