Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Indy 505G: Race Day 2 Results

Holy Crap, Dusty blinked, allowing Paul to take sole possession of the lead!

And don't look now, but Milka, er, Karina is making a big move, rocketing past Steve K, Lonely Fan, Jason, and Spank, to go from #9 to #5.

Here are current cumulative standings through day 2, with car # and point totals (please verify...remember today's laps were worth 6 points, last week's only 5. And today we had only 13 laps):

    1. #5 Paul (148 pts)
    2. #9 Dusty Baker (142 pts)
    3. #1 Josh S (131 pts)
    4. #12 Mr F (126 pts)
    5. #10 Karina (106 pts)
    6. #4 Steve K (103 pts)
    7. #3 Spank (87 pts)
    8. #8 Jason (81 pts)
    9. #11 MLASC (63 pts)
    10. #7 Lonely Fan (56 pts)
    T-11. #2 rbnlaw (20 pts)
    T-11. #6 Dusto Mag (20 pts)

Visual coming soon...

Next Race Day Tomorrow, 8am! Remember, each subsequent day is worth more than the previous day, so catching up is possible. Also please note Race Day 4 will be postponed from Thursday to next Monday.


Kyle Baker said...

Que lastima. If you only knew how much pain it caused me to miss that one lap. Was separated from my phone after being called out of a meeting for more than half an hour. It was like being on a long car ride and needing to take a pee but not anywhere near a rest stop or McDonald's. I could FEEL the minutes ticking by. Thanks, EK!

Steve Sax said...

@Dusty, why were you separated from your phone? Swimming? Prison? Airline security line?

Kyle Baker said...

Mid-Wilshire district LA. Meeting on 11th floor, impromptu caucus on ground floor outside. I'm absolutely not lying when I say I looked up at the window where I knew the meeting was taking place, and where my phone sat unattended, and thought "Man, I wish I could do a Jedi-summoning-his-lightsaber trick to get my iPhone."