Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PCS Season IV Puzzle #3 Aftermath: To A Victor Goes A Spoil

So last week, I ran PCS Season IV Puzzle #3, and I totally botched the hints, making the solution much less climactic than envisioned. And even still, we had six people enter with correct answers: ubragg, Mr Customer, Josh S, Steve K, Quadsevens, and Jason.

Tonight's Rockies @ Dodgers game will see which of those six fine fellows wins a 2011 Dodgers Magnet Schedule. We're going to take number of pitches thrown by all Dodger pitchers this evening, in aggregate, and divide that total by six. Warmup pitches and pickoff throws do not count; we'll be taking mlb.com Gameday's box score as the offical number.

Based on the remainders, the winner will be as follows:

  • Remainder = 0: ubragg
  • Remainder = 1: Mr Customer
  • Remainder = 2: Josh S
  • Remainder = 3: Steve K
  • Remainder = 4: Quadsevens
  • Remainder = 5: Jason
  • Remainder = 43: SoSG Lasorda

We will then pay for postage of this magnet schedule to a US mailing address. Good luck, you guys! Go Dodgers!