Monday, May 23, 2011

More Kicks To The 'Nads

I've been trying to block out yesterday's game, and its associated injuries to offensive bright spot Andre Ethier and sometimes-offensive spot Rod Barajas. But the news that Ethier and Barajas didn't break any bones in their respective injuries is a good thing, I suppose, though they're probably not back at full strength any time soon nonetheless:

Outfielder Andre Ethier and catcher Rod Barajas are the latest Dodgers to leave a game injured.

Ethier suffered contusions to his left big toe, lower back and right elbow Sunday trying to flag down former teammate Juan Pierre's fourth-inning line drive in the Dodgers' 8-3 loss to the White Sox. Barajas suffered a sprained right wrist in the same inning, trying to make a diving tag at the plate as Pierre scored on Paul Konerko's sacrifice fly.

X-rays on Ethier's big toe and Barajas' wrist were negative. Ethier said he expected to play Monday night. Barajas said he'll wait to see how he feels, because it is his throwing wrist and it was bothering him after Sunday's game.

Ethier ran into the chain-link right-field fence trying to catch Pierre's drive. The ball bounced off Ethier's glove as he bounced off the fence, Pierre settling for a double. After taking his position, Ethier crouched down in apparent pain.

Ethier said his biggest problem was getting the wind knocked out of him. The next batter, Alexei Ramirez, hit a high pop fly that fell in shallow right field. Ethier said the ball was "uncatchable" because of where he was playing, but the staff saw him limping in and sent Tony Gwynn to take over in right field.

Luckily, we've got depth on the bench.



Josh S. said...

We only have depth on the bench after Dioner sits on it.

Steve Sax said...

don't you be calling Uribe a "slim jim"