Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garland And Barajas On Different Pages

And we're not talking about their entries in the 2011 Dodgers Media Guide. With a team already depleted by physical injury, annoying management, and woeful offense, we now have healthy pitchers and catchers sniping at each other following a blowout loss:

CHICAGO -- Los Angeles Dodgers right-hander Jon Garland and catcher Rod Barajas revealed in separate interviews following Saturday's 9-2 loss to the Chicago White Sox, a game in which Garland was tagged for seven runs in 3 2/3 innings, that they weren't really in sync and had trouble agreeing on pitch selection.

"I think I never really got into a solid game plan,'' Garland said. "Rod and I were never on the same page. I became a two-pitch pitcher.''

Garland was referring to his fastball and slider, but in response to that comment, Barajas said he frequently called for the curveball or cutter and was shaken off by Garland.

"We threw some curveballs in there,'' Barajas said. "I think we mixed in some other pitches. When he shook me off, it was often shaking back to the fastball or slider. It definitely wasn't like he was trying to shake to the other two pitches. Obviously, if he didn't want to be a two-pitch pitcher, why did he shake to the fastball and slider? Those were basically what we used.''

My god, it's not even the end of May and the wheels haven't just fallen off the wagon, they've turned into equilateral triangles.


rbnlaw said...

b x h = a

Kyle Baker said...

Entirely OT:

Wrasslin' pure gold (via Wikipedia):

"The year 1988 was a pivotal one for Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. Hulk Hogan, who had been the champion and the foundation upon which the WWF's popularity was built, lost the WWF World championship belt in a match against André the Giant. André the Giant then forfeited the belt to the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase due to an arrangement that they had prior to the match. President Jack Tunney declared that the belt cannot be forfeited to another individual. A tournament was held at WrestleMania IV to declare a new champion, which Randy Savage won, pinning Dibiase (with Hogan's help) in the finals.
At the first ever SummerSlam, The Mega Powers teamed up against André the Giant and Ted DiBiase, The Mega Bucks with Jesse Ventura as the referee. Most of the pre-match build-up centered around Elizabeth, who by this time was at the peak of her popularity. The tease for the match was that if things got bad, Elizabeth, billed as the secret weapon of The Mega Powers, was going to wear a bikini under her fancy clothes. Towards the end of match, André and Dibiase were in control, so Elizabeth got up on the apron and ripped her skirt off to reveal a red bikini bottom, which distracted both André and DiBiase. The Mega Powers quickly took advantage of the situation and won the match after Ventura made a reluctant three-count (Savage rode Ventura's arm down to the mat to finalize the count)."

Again, Delino, if ever there called for a post from you, and rarely is that true, this is the time!