Monday, May 16, 2011

Post-Game 42 Thread: There's Your Run


I didn't see tonight's game. Apparently, I didn't need to. Looks like the Dodgers pitching staff, led by Jon Garland, gave the team a solid outing today. And the Dodgers couldn't score if they were in a whorehouse with a suitcase full of hundreds.


Jason said...

This day sucked serious ass. Except for finishing the P&A puzzle. That was by far the highlight.




(goes permanent emo)

Paul said...

If we sign Manny today we can have him in the lineup for the last 18 games!

Jason said...

I hear Milton Bradley and Scott Podsednik are available.


(lands in disgusting puddle)

Steve Sax said...

Jason: finishing p&a 32 was indeed the highlight. Caught up with Mr C @ the game and he and I are both kicking ourselves for not powering through on Saturday night.

Jason said...

Sax, my bad. No more insane, train wreck dates on P&A weekends. It was fascinating, though. From a purely academic perspective, of course.

The maintenance guy in my building told me some girl was skulking around the lobby this afternoon. He did not specify if she was wearing a prison orange jumpsuit. To be safe, if no one hears from me by Wednesday, call the Seattle PD.

Josh S. said...

Maybe my trade for Pujols in The Show will go through.

Alex Cora said...

My eyes are burned forever with that horrible offensive display.

Spank said...

We should sign Manny Mota.Can't do no worse than most of the team and he'll be a box office draw.

Mr. Customer said...

That was not the most riveting ballgame I have ever attended, but it's baseball at the ravine, and I'm frankly (heh) not expecting much of this team anymore.

Good to catch up with you guys, though!