Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bark at the Park is Back!

This Saturday night is a chance for you and your favorite pooch to get your Dodgers on. Tickets / Rules can be found here (you need to get proof from your vet that your dog isn't diseased or a monster)

I went to this event last year with my two year old son, pregnant wife, and schnauzer/poodle/terrier/Tramp-looking pal Sharkie (who had one of her paws in a bandage).

Mixing a hungry dog, a toddler and all you can eat hot dogs was complicated to say the least. But well worth it.

Word to the wise: get there early. The line was brutal. Luckily, I did the oldest trick in the book: I just walked in as if I belonged there. Any time you sit in the All You Can Eat Pavillion, a battle can happen at any turn (over mustard, over the empty diet coke dispensers, etc).

But the more thuggy pit bulls didn't show up. Most importantly, to this day, my son still talks about "Sharkie at the baseball game."


Kyle Baker said...

I was hoping to take Frankie this year, but alas i had already made other plans when this was announced.

Felix Pardalis said...

I wanna go there to practice my Clarence Boddicker voice: "Bitches leave!"