Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Post-Game 51 Thread: From Aneurysm to Exploding Head


Aneurysm? Well, Astros starting pitcher Aneury Rodriguez still didn't earn his first career win; if not for a Matt Kemp solo shot, he might have, as he shut the Dodgers down with four scattered hits over six innings. Helping Rodriguez' cause were Rafael Furcal and Jamey Carroll, both 0-for-4 in the top two lineup slots; Jerry Sands chipped in with an 0-for-4 of his own, and Jay Gibbons and James Loney threw in 0-for-3 performances for good measure. The Dodgers were 0-for-4 with RISP, which is pathetic on both ends of that ratio.

But this game all came down to Matt Guerrier in the ninth inning with the score tied. Guerrier couldn't get that final out after Brett Wallace hit a one-out double to Sands in right, and then, with two out, JR Towles knocked in Wallace with a walk-off single. 26 outs, not enough to beat the worst team in the NL. And my head is about to explode. I need an off-day.


Josh S. said...

It's comforting that the Dodger loss is out of the way for the day already and it can't ruin my evening.

Plus, they can't lose tomorrow!

Jason said...

The McCourts rank 30th of 30 owners. Money quote: "It's so bad that Walter O'Malley would have a higher approval rating in Brooklyn now than the McCourts have in Los Angeles."

Kyle Baker said...

Loss? What loss?

(takes more acid)

Josh S. said...

If Kemp keeps up the inspirational tweets, I should be able to get through this season.

Kyle Baker said...

Even Mudville was quoted as saying, "Damn, this shit's depressing."