Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At Game Recap: Dodgers vs Fish

I went to two games in the last two week, one with Sax and one with Mrs. Cora. Both were a blast and it was great to see the ballpark for the first time this year. Plus, I scored me a sweet Kershaw bobblehead. Sax already reviewed the bobblehead game, but I found some pictures from that game (iphone 4 quality) that I thought you would enjoy.

Fashion police! Ethier sports his own "name" Dodger jacket.

Kuroda with the K.

As for the Dodgers vs Marlins game, we got there early and got to meet Lee Lacy out at Autograph alley. What a nice guy. He took time to say everyone's name and especially took time out with the kids to take pictures and personally sign each item. Great job Lee! Garland had a solid game - man is he an innings eater and it was great to see Beard Mode back at third base. It was also neat to see De La Rosa for the first time. He has some serious heat and the radar gun was increasing with every inning. I think he hit 98 that last inning. One of the great moments was when Loney went deep and I guess the team gave him the mock cold shoulder when he returned to the dugout. After a while they all congratulated him, but the funny thing was that we could see Matt Kemp on the railing smiling and yelling "That's how we do it baby!" to Loney. Nice team chemistry. And of course there was the end of the game with Navarro coming in to scorch a line drive past SIX Marlin infielders. The dogpile at the end was great. It is kinda hard getting psyched up for this year's team, but these last two game renewed some of my passion for the Dodgers. Come on Blue, only 5.5 games back! Go Blue!

Lee Lacy taking time with the kids.

I think that was Man vs Wild adventure guy Bear Grylls with Miles before the game.

Emo Juan on the railing all by himself. Poor Juan.

DSB man is BACK!!!!

I've never seen this in person before. SIX infielders!

Navarro before the big hit. Wow what a game!


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