Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dodgers Have The Eighth-Most Worked Bullpen In MLB

From ESPN.com (insider only), Buster Olney looked at the majors' bullpens to see who was overworked the most. Atlanta topped the list, and the Padres are third, but the Dodger ranked eighth:

Today, we rank the bullpen usage in the National League -- from the most heavily used to the bullpens that are in the best shape moving forward, through the prism of the respective teams' most important relievers. (For some relievers listed below, career highs are appropriate, given their longer service time; for some, it's not.) [...]

8. Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have had injury issues with their prime relievers, so their outlook is a bit skewed.

Matt Guerrier
25 games, 25.1 innings
On pace for: 75 games, 76 innings
Career highs: 79 games, 88 innings

Mike MacDougal
23 games, 18.2 innings
On pace for: 70 games, 55.2 innings
68 games, 70.1 innings

Kenley Jansen (who just went on the disabled list Sunday)
20 games, 21 innings
On pace for: 60 games, 63 innings


Josh S. said...

Where do they rank on the list of worked-over fanbases?