Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wed. Notes, Charlie Sheen Is Still a Giants Fan Edition


Josh S. said...

Charlie Sheen joins Twitter and immediately starts following Brian Wilson.


Pistol Pete Reiser said...

Final tally on "Charlie Sheen confirmed douche-bag sighting/Giants hat wearing" on my cube wall:

5 print-outs.
4 ripped down.
1 defaced with unintelligible gibberish (proving that the written word eludes Giants fans)

The only way he could even possible appear more douchey would have been to wear an Ed Hardy shirt at the same time.

rbnlaw said...

Fuck him and his #TigerBlood.

Nostradamus said...

My neck is a bit sore. Could really go for some Tiger Balm right now.

Ben G said...

Yeah he's just wearing the Giants hat because he recently flew Brian Wilson out for the night to hang out. Sheen is just a huge baseball fan, but from interviews on Dan Patrick I gather his "team" is the Reds. Dude hangs out with all kinds of ball players. He talked about his memorabilia collection being so big that he decided to sell it all off when he went to get a shirt from a drawer and found a Ted Williams road jersey. He owns 2 crazy Babe Ruth items.. a world series ring and his contract or something insane like that. Hopefully when he OD's or has to sell it off it ends up going to the Hall of Fame.